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NCR Kumite Seminar- September 16th
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Where: MKA Minneapolis
913 Plymouth Ave. N. Mpls., 55411

When: September 16, 2017

Time: Noon- 2pm
Open to all ranks!

Instructor(s): NCR Technical Committee

Cost: $20.00/ $40 per Family

SEMINAR DESCRIPTION The NCR Technical Committee will be hosting a mini-seminar for all levels on September 16, 2017 from Noon - 2 pm at the Minneapolis Dojo.

Sharpen your kumite timing for general skill improvement, your next test, or the October Shiai! Students will be divided into 3-4 focus groups to work on various timing drills and receive expert feedback

NCR Fall Shiai- October 7th
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Where: MKA Minneapolis
913 Plymouth Ave N, Minneapolis MN 55411

When: October 7, 2017

Registration at 11am. Tournament begins at Noon

Instructor(s): Judging and organization by the NCR Technical Committee

Cost: One event: $10.00, additional events: $5.00, Maximum $30 per family

This tournament is open to ranks and ages.

Tournament rules will be the same as those used by the AAKF National tournament. Kata and Kumite will be held as separate events.

This event is open to AAKF members only. Non-AAKF clubs are by NCR Director invitation only.

We combine categories if participation is small in that group:

10th & 9th Kyu
Kata: Heian Shodan
Kumite: 3-step kumite

8th & 7th Kyu
Kata: Heian Nidan or Heian Sandan
Kumite: One head, One body step-in punch attacks

This video explains the kumite for 8th & 7th kyu.

6th & 5th kyu
Kata: Heian Yondan or Heian Godan
Kumite: The attacker is designated and the competitors alternate attacks. First attack- reverse punch body. Second attack- front kick.

This video explains the kumite for 6th & 5th kyu.

4th & 3rd kyu
Kata: Tekki Shodan
Kumite: Attack with a punch. Second Attack with a kick. Defender can block and counter-attack.

This video explains the kumite for 4th & 3rd kyu.

2nd & 1st Kyu
Kata: Bassai-dai, Kanku-dai, Empi or Jion
Kumite: Standard ITKF Kogo rules, except no overtime.

Youth Elite Black Belt
Kata: Competitors choice
Youth- Standard WTKF Kogo rules, except no overtime.
Adult- WTKF Kumite rules

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